Welcome to the Open Educational Resources (OER) Cambodia blog

Welcome to the Open Educational Resources (OER) Cambodia blog, managed by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), Cambodia!

This blog offers you a wide range of digital materials that can be helpful and useful for teachers/students as well as for Cambodian public in general. The materials include interactive multimedia, textbooks, posters, digital lesson plans and video clips, as well as background documents from MoEYS and MoEYS OER portal called Krou Cambodia to support access to knowledge.

This user-friendly OER blog presents digital contents in various categories based on material types, levels, grades and subject matters. A number of open educational resources are now available on this platform for almost of all levels of education, ranging from pre-school to high education level.

Stay tuned to get more uploaded local contents that might be useful for Cambodian educators/teachers/learners to assist in teaching and learning environment in this digital age.


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