Basic English Language Level 2 Teachers Manual

The Basic English Language course (BEL) covers the 4 skill areas of:
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
By the end of BEL Level 3 the pupils should feel confident to learn more formal grammar and more advanced constructions and vocabulary.
The lessons should be fun and interactive, with as much pupil speaking, listening, reading and writing as possible.
Bell has designated resource for each level.
  • A Teacher’s Manual that give step by step instructions to enable teachers to use many different child centred activities.
  • A Pupil book to enable pupils to practice what they have learnt. Many activities are for paired and small group work. Some activities are for individual pupils to practice and ca be given as homework.
  • Teacher audio files (Smart phone application or MP3 format) to enable teachers to learn the content and good pronunciation for themselves. These follow the Teacher’s Manual.
  •   Pupil audio files to be used in class or if pupils have access to a phone or MP3 speaker they can download them for further individual practice. The audio files are inter-active.
  • Pupil Audio Script to enable teachers to use the audio resource effectively.
  • A Teacher Resource Pack – letter cards (lower case and capitals), number cards, pictures for each chapter to support the new vocabulary.

Khmer version



  1. The main focus will be on learning different techniques in solving word problems.Once the techniques are in place, solving word problems would be a breeze.

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